Ringwald & Molly - Episode
    Rob Schrab's cardboard and hot glue universe wowed audiences for five straight months, right up to the end of the 2003 season, when it was cancelled by ONE vote - a vote withheld by its own creator. Ringwald and Molly is a must-download and will forever occupy a space in Channel 101 history as one of the original five Prime Timers, along with STA and B & MG.
    • Screening:
      October 26, 2003
    • Votes:
      Not Available
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    • a b says:
      This is so cool. This might be my favorite Halloween themed anything (excluding Community Halloween episodes which are unbeatable).

      I'm bummed Schrab didn't vote for it! But he ended up doing more great stuff instead.

      I'm curious what Schrab's musical involvement is in these things. He sings proficiently and I imagine he plays some guitar, I'd like to know if he does all of the instruments for this stuff (and for his "Whevener you need someone" song in Laser Fart). He's an artistic person, I could see him having a natural knack for picking up different instruments and figuring out how to get the sounds he needs out of them.
      May 18, 2019 at 12:23pm
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