Twigger's Holiday - Episode
    Twigger goes to the principal's office.
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      March 29, 2004
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    • a b says:
      Rob rules. Twigger rules. So weird and childish and then escalates to the most badass thing ever.
      Jun 10, 2019 at 1:28am
    • I used the wooden leg opening as an opening for my High school's news program my senior year ('05) No one knew what the hell was going on, and watching everyone in my class stare at the TV in silent bewilderment (the news program was school wide and shown after lunch) for 30 seconds was such fun. Now, I made sure to give credit to mister Schrab at the end as well as a link to the website (funnily enough I almost got into big trouble for that, something about "Jaws" and "Male genitalia.") Anyways, I just wanted to take the time 8 years later to thank Rob, I doubt he'll ever see this but whatever. Thank you so much for this series Rob, it's the first Channel 101 series I ever saw, and it is to this date my favorite. The show was incredibly funny and the ending grabbed me in a truly profound and emotional way that I know I will never, ever forget it. Thank you so much for keeping this site active all this time. Everything is stupid, indeed.
      Aug 10, 2012 at 8:15am
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