New MacGyver
What if you worked at the Phoenix Foundation, and your name was MacGuyver, but you weren't the MacGuyver?
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    April 24, 2005
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Failed Pilot
  • a b says:
    I'm watching through all of the Channel 101 shows and I can't wait to get to Yacht Rock. Everything JD Ryznar has done to this point has been really funny and I'm consistently surprised to find they weren't getting picked up. But it's all leading to Yacht Rock, so it's great to see the journey.

    I also learned that the goatee guy with the black hair is David Lyons, locations manager for Community and a bunch of other stuff. His face is really distinctive and I think I first saw him in an Acceptable TV sketch starring Wade Randolph as a psychic minister, but I didn't make the connection until now.
    Jan 30, 2020 at 3:56pm
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