Phone Sexxers - Episode
For every time you've seen a failed pilot by Abed Gheith, there have been three rejected submissions you didn't see. Between projects of his own and helping on others, few have logged as many hours in Channel 101's gym, and now, hard as nails, he and Wastelander creator Ryan Ridley stroll confidently into prime time with this simple, character-driven show set against the backdrop of the male phone sex industry.
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    June 25, 2006
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  • Ryan was writing and acting in the Acceptable Tv pilot. I worked in the building. I wanted to do a show with him and threw out another pilot idea for this. Me and Ryan starting goofing on this idea. I asked him for help writing it and it just went crazy from there. Dan heard we were making a show and wanted in. It all flowed into something solid from a really goofy concept. We both loved the movie Audition and wanted to goof on that for the end. It seemed like a good fit.
    Mar 28, 2012 at 6:46am
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