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  1. Either I've forgotten my password or an evil computer demon changed it, how do I reset it?
  2. Why should I make a profile?
    Anyone who wants to comment on videos needs a profile to do so. It's also our way of connecting you to your existing Channel101 credits.
  3. What is the difference between "audience" profiles and "talent" profiles?
    There are 2 types of profiles on the 101 database: Audience and Talent. Anyone and everyone can have an audience profile. Talent profiles are for anyone who has a credit listed on the 101 website.
  4. How do I make my "audience" profile into a "talent" profile?
    Once you have signed up for a profile on, you will automatically be listed as "audience." If you have any existing credits on the site, you can upgrade to "talent."

    Just search your name, click on it, and once on your profile, hover over your name. A button will pop up that says, "this is me." Click that! An administrator will approve you and your profile will magically transform to "talent."
  5. Why can't I add my own credits?
    Only creators of 101 shows can add credits. If you're not listed for something you did, bug your creator.
  6. I am the creator of a 101 show, why am I not listed as such?
    Creators must be added by an administrator. This will happen when the show is added to the website, unless you produced the show under an alias. If you think you should be listed as the creator of a show, email us and an administrator can add you. Once you are listed as a creator, it will show up as the first credit on your "talent" profile.
  7. How do I add credits to my show?
    Once you have been listed as the creator of a 101 show, you have the ability to add credits. While logged in, just go to any episode of your show, click on the "credits" tab, and click "edit." Presto! You can start typing in your talents' names.

    As you type, names that are already in the database will appear. Choose your talent from that drop-down box. Or, if your talent is not yet listed on the website, choose "add to the database." Make sure this is really their first credit; we don't want any duplicate profiles screwing up people's credits!
  8. How do I add my credits to someone else's show?
    You can't! Even if you are a creator, you can only add credits to your show. So once again, bug your creator if you're not getting the credits you so greatly deserve.
  9. Where did the forum go?
    It died when Facebook took over. Don't worry, we're working on a version of Rejectee Therapy so you can get the validation you need.
  10. Why didn't you tell me the forum was going away?
    Less than 30 people had used it in the past 3 years. We didn't think you'd notice, bro.
  11. Question about thing?
The Help Line
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