Dick Richards: Private Dick
Dick Richards made history when it became the first "Chauncey" (a pilot unsanctioned by the selection panel) to go Prime Time. The Audience was charmed by its sophisticated look, and kept coming back for the story until finally, in June of 2005, Dick Richards' case was forever closed.
Dick Richards has one final epic zombie battle.
Dick gets some answers and some new guns.
Dick Richards tends to the nazi zombie horde.
Well, it finally happened. A Chauncey (a rejected pilot then shown to the audience anyway by its creators on peril of humiliation) made Prime Time. This is major Channel 101 history in the making. Dick Richards: Private Dick looks super cool, I'll back everyone up on that. But since I'm one of the huge assholes that tried to withhold this show from an audience that then clamoured for another installment, maybe instead of faking enthusiasm, I ought to just apologize, shut my big trap and let you enjoy it.