McCourt's in Session
McCourt's was the first big success of Channel 101's first creators to enter prime time from outside Los Angeles. Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan had, previously, been more of a favorite among fellow 101 artists than among audiences, unable to get votes even with the ingenius Uncle Jimmy's Fuck Farm. They broke into the mainstream with the very simple concept of the daytime courtroom reality show. On paper, it's not exactly a House of Cosbys level invention, but thanks to hysterical performances and keen editing, it proved impossible to watch without laughing. McCourt's ran out of steam on episode three during a month of merciless housecleaning on the part of the live audience.
McCourt takes on more cases, this time via satellite and internet.
McCourt takes on more cases, including a feuding couple and a magician.
Two great moments in 101 history: Our first prime timers to be from outside California and the first prime time show for critical darlings Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan. Beginning with "When the Lord Attacks," Time and time again, this team has exhibited some of the sharpest wit of any contributor, only to be inexplicably "struck down" by our mysterious God called the audience. Having taken the opportunity to refine their style, they now enter prime time with laser focus and hard-earned confidence, and are a good bet for some very tough competition.