Your Magic Touched Me: Nights
    Ryan Nagata, while overcome with separation anxiety for the elegant magician Shuzuki Thornburg (Your Magic Touched Me), wowed August 2006 audiences with an energetic and crisp spin-off focusing on Sex Crime Investigation. Gaining momentum in 2007, the spin-off eclipsed the original and began to reinvent itself with every episode. From the Japanese Mafia, to ghosts, to clones, to outer space, Your Magic Touched Me: Nights kept the energy fresh and exciting enough to last nine months of competitive screenings. In July 2007, Nagata laid the show to rest with an epic finale that seemed to bleed out any other storyline he could think of. Will there be other Prime Time spin-offs? Timebelt: The Animated Series? Celebrity Documentary The Series? Possibly not. Nagata and company set the bar pretty damn high for a successful spin-off.
    In the twelve-minute finale of Your Magic Touched Me: Nights, Ryan Nagata reinforces what a lucky audience got to figure out over the course of eight months of success: when it comes to Shuzuki Thornburg, you never know what to expect.
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      July 29, 2007
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    Eliot Slade finds himself back in Episode #1.
    The SCU, strapped into the Rapier 1, launch into space to find their missing comrade.
    Shizuki is in trouble, and the SCU must remind Slade why their magician colleague is so important before stepping up to the challenge of rescuing him.
    Officially out-living its precursor, the epic spin-off from Ryan Nagata spins into new directions.
    Picking up where the 2006 Halloween episode left off, Shizuki, Slade, and Dick Titty head home, and slowly realize their world has turned upside-down
    The SCU discovers the Halloween Rapist isn't a man... he's a ghost.
    The Japanese Mafia has kidnapped Dr. Amanda Parsons, and someone must go undercover to get her back.
    Magician by day, Shizuki Thornburg is the best sex crimes investigator in the city by night. With partner Eliot Slade, they must track down and stop the DaVinci Rapist.