Since the 2005 cancellations of Laserfart and MESI Dan Harmon has lingered in the background of Channel 101, sneaking into various hit shows while working on "real" television for VH-1. Before 2006 was complete, Harmon delivered this poignant gem to October audiences and strolled back into prime time. Exposure tells the story of Dylan Carter, a struggling creative drawn to the power of Channel 101, who must overcome his own limitations and cope with rejection. On the show's similarities to Channel 101: The Musical, Harmon writes: "It's Last Temptation of Christ to Makiaris' Jesus Christ: Superstar."
    Undiscouraged by relentless rejection, Dylan and Ash team-up to create War Dogs.
    Ash is in Montreal, Grace is in Australia, and pilots are due tomorrow. In twenty-four hours alone, Dylan creates his second pilot, Hitler and Jesus.
    Dylan, new to L.A and full of dreams, prepares to create his first pilot, Muffin Head.