Dave Seger and Spencer Strauss burst into primetime with this action-packed stunt spectacular in July 2012. What began as an epically choreographed action show soon became a Channel 101 phenomenon, taking the title of Channel 101's longest-running show from 'Everything' and winning multiple Channy awards along the way. Car-Jumper survived almost three years in primetime, even carrying on despite the departure of its star Jim Klimek, but finally ran out of gas in a March 2015 bloodbath that took three primetime shows down. Long live Car-Jumper!
Car-Jumper jumps into an alternate reality...and out of our lives forever.
CJ accepts the mother of all missions.
Car-Jumper undergoes a radical transformation.
Car-Jumper's exploits enter a new dimension.
Car-Jumper helps some kids in need.
Car-Jumper's battle with the rogue Car-Surfer Gang continues.
Car-Jumper uncovers shocking secrets about his past.
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    July 26, 2014
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A PR disaster leads Car-Jumper to make changes.
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    May 31, 2014
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Car-Jumper is forced to play a sadistic game.
Car-Jumper tackles a crime boss from a strange yet familiar neighborhood.
Car-Jumper tries to mix business and pleasure with a dignitary in town.
Car-Jumper races to solve a string of murders while breaking in a new team.
Things go in an unexpected direction when Car-Jumper hits a roadblock.
Car Jumper's faith is tested by an old enemy.
Car Jumper must go on a journey of the mind in pursuit of Jagsaw.
A new enemy puts Car Jumper to the test - will he succeed or wipe out?
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    July 27, 2013
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An interview with Car Jumper turns into a high-stakes foot chase.
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    May 25, 2013
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A special friend teaches Car Jumper a valuable lesson about fame.
Car Jumper only has one shot to take down the ferocious Road Warriors.
Car Jumper is coaxed out of retirement when disaster strikes.
Car Jumper seeks revenge against Bedlam for the slaughter of his team.
Things take an ominous turn for Car Jumper when a mysterious enemy arrives.
A new team member piques Car Jumper's interest.
Car-jumping is just one of the serious issues tackled in episode two of David Seger and Spencer Strauss's action show.
When someone needs to jump from one car to another, there's only one man to call: the Car-Jumper
  • Screening:
    July 28, 2012
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