The Parent Project
    Brett Weiner asked his mom what she would like to see in a new show for Channel 101. These are the results.
    Brett Weiner introduced us to his parents way back in October 2010. One (legally mandated) name change and the second-longest run in Channel 101 history later, "The Parent Project" draws to a close.
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      May 26, 2012
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    The connection is reversed this month - it's the kids' turn to tell a story.
    Jon Hill calls his mom long-distance to revisit a childhood fable and "The Parent Project" passes "Classroom" to become the second-longest-running show in Channel 101 history.
    Rebekka Johnson talks to her parents about scary houses and compassionate teachers.
    Evolving into Season 2, Luke Barats talks to his mom about an idea for a road movie.
    Is mom quitting?
    Brett's mom brings us back the beginning for an interesting quest.
    The family offers up ideas for a new episode.
    Brett and his mom work on their screenplay, "Tennis Nuts."
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      July 30, 2011
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    In the latest episode, Brett and his mother discuss the creative process.
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      May 28, 2011
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    Let's talk to Dad.
    "Baby Bump" Now known as "The Parent Project" the show continues with Angie's pregnancy.
    The Adventures of the Knuckleheads.
    The Adventures of The Parents
    Brett Weiner asked his mom what she would like to see in his new web pilot for Channel 101. These are the results.