Water And Power - Episode 5
In this cameo-filled fifth episode, Ryan is made to feel inadequate by the Special Cases Unit.
126 votes  |  3626 views
The Pop - Episode 1
The Pop reinvents Popeye, and it does it with great casting and unique stylization. From Abed Gheith
115 votes  |  779 views
Trippin Or Stylin - Episode 1
In Trippin Or Stylin, contestants go on a date with two guys and a lie detection software determines who is "Trippin" and who...
113 votes  |  262 views
Making Mistakes - Episode 4
When Winnie Cooper starts hanging around with adult filmmaker Jeff Locke, Kevin's world gets turned upside-down.
113 votes  |  327 views
Boner For Boner - Episode 1
Boner for Boner is the story of a man with a disability. Milky McClellehan can only get a boner when he looks at a picture of his own...
105 votes  |  1962 views
Theodore Ward's been kidnapped by a bitter fan.
71 votes  |  267 views
Water and Power: Miami teams up with Miami Vice to bring down a devious arms dealer and energy-waster.
68 votes  |  244 views
Planners - Episode 2
Meet the Planbot 3000, a robot that helps plan things. Too bad Eugene is terrified of robots.
42 votes  |  75 views
Flemington Peabody takes you through the stories of his past in his own unique way.
62 votes  |  143 views
He's the world's richest millionaire, and he's also the world's most dangerous criminal. Welcome to his world.
30 votes  |  293 views