The 'Bu - Episode 2
Aaron returns from law school; Brett has a secret.
203 votes  |  3038 views
The teens suspect an enigmatic magician in the case of a stolen lighthouse.
188 votes  |  227 views
Time Belt - Episode 6
Crossover! Dr. Bloom meets an old - or is that new - acquaintance aboard Eugene and Computerman'
182 votes  |  984 views
Chinky's final confrontation with the vampire master. Also starring Amy Bernhardt and Holly King as the twins - I couldn't...
136 votes  |  120 views
Sockbaby - Episode 1
Watch it the first time, and you'll love the fight sequence. Watch it the second time and you'll become intrigued. The third...
129 votes  |  666 views
Computerman - Episode 6
Both Computerman's ship and his show self destruct in a second attempt at show reinvention- an attempt thwarted by the audience....
126 votes  |  2496 views
Ultraforce - Episode 3
The millenium is finally at hand, and this time, to save Earth Prime, the spandex spartans will have to risk more than their supposed...
66 votes  |  537 views
If you loved Knightrider but always wished the car was a bag filled with human fecal matter, this show is for you.
98 votes  |  560 views
Lancelot of Burbankshire is transported to modern California, where he partners with a dishonorable scoundrel.
72 votes  |  39 views
Eric Strange, freak of science, wanders the roads of America, helping the innocent by blowing things up with his brain.
71 votes  |  143 views
Just a loveable show about two loveable guys. I'll put this disclaimer here: If you're one of those people that gets excited...
62 votes  |  0 views
Originally rejected, Sam Riegel became our second director to declare a Chauncey, forcing the audience to watch it anyway on the grounds...
46 votes  |  66 views
This one's hard to describe without spoiling the discovery. Twin sister cat burglars. That's how it starts. Although we had...
38 votes  |  45 views