Twigger's Holiday - Episode 1
Twigger and Josh encounter trouble on the way to school.
178 votes  |  4998 views
Codename: Embryo - Episode 1
Kurt Hellfire, embryo hunter, scours the wasteland for a blood farm.
155 votes  |  355 views
Time Belt - Episode 7
Divested of his belt and stranded in prehistoric times, Bloom allies with amazons to dispatch a mena
142 votes  |  598 views
The 'Bu - Episode 3
Brett's secret is out.
133 votes  |  1656 views
Call Me Cobra - Episode 1
Steve is hired to retrieve a ceramic rabbit.
133 votes  |  0 views
Things heat up between the Harper Teens when a dangerous relic goes missing.
121 votes  |  110 views
Sockbaby - Episode 2
Burger and Ronnie get a little bit closer to wiggin-food-or-what.
105 votes  |  305 views
Chinky meets his mentor and receives important training, as well as a dark secret. Sadly, 101's favorite little yellow pill was...
48 votes  |  81 views
Imagine "knowing what's going on" as being a desert, and this pilot as an oasis.
71 votes  |  2886 views
Featuring great performances by 101 regulars Matt Gourley, Erinn Carter, Kurt Scholler and Andy Goldblatt, this pilot is sort of a...
66 votes  |  117 views
Tragedy leaves a boy with a mysterious ability. I won't spoil Hoverboy by telling you what the boy's ability is.
54 votes  |  48 views
Prince Jayden's brother is killed; the battle for space begins.
52 votes  |  115 views
That is one ca-raaaaazy ass albino African-American.
47 votes  |  85 views
Who would have thought of doing a submarine drama for Channel 101? This is a very nicely executed pilot that got surprisingly few votes...
19 votes  |  115 views