The 'Bu - Episode 5
Brett and Aaron make amends; Melissa and Brett make amends; Brett's father is skilled with neckties.
217 votes  |  1365 views
Six Months to Live - Episode 2
Peter searches for meaning. Guest star: Flavor Flav.
191 votes  |  0 views
Twigger's Holiday - Episode 3
Twigger goes to a sleepover; the Mooky brothers are abducted by aliens.
174 votes  |  1604 views
Laser Fart - Episode 2
Laser Fart meets a daunting foe while Jeff continues to wear camouflage pants. Guest star: Computerman's Jack Black
172 votes  |  2784 views
Who's Teaching Whom? - Episode 1
A starchy old professor finds himself in charge of a streetwise girl.
131 votes  |  281 views
There are no canceled shows in this screening.
Channel 101's first submission by people too young to drive, and our first piece of solid evidence that we've begun to ruin...
105 votes  |  880 views
Tim and Eric of (creators of our "how to submit" video) provided us with this very convincing case against gay...
86 votes  |  547 views
The creators of Friends and Lovers and It's Twissleton bring you a little harmless comedy.
44 votes  |  2330 views
Dave Hartman's back and he brought extra blood.
40 votes  |  111 views