Laser Fart - Episode 4
Dan, Donna and Jeff are preyed upon by monsters in a creepy castle.
159 votes  |  2281 views
The 'Bu - Episode 7
Aaron and Brett attempt to rescue Melissa.
149 votes  |  1041 views
S.O.S. Fantome - Episode 1
This was the only new submission for the month of October that garnered applause and "must include" status at the Prime Time...
121 votes  |  1151 views
Magic paper; cookies; insane.
85 votes  |  630 views
Who's Teaching Whom? - Episode 3
Carly has a candy-induced dream about pirates.
69 votes  |  103 views
All hell breaks loose when Justin's alleged fear of gorillas is put to the test.
48 votes  |  1125 views
Twigger's Holiday - Episode 5
Twigger and co. bid farewell in a heart wrenching 8 minute finale.
A wayward youth checks into a halfway house. This hilarious pilot missed entering Prime Time by ONE vote in October of 2004.
68 votes  |  391 views
Chris Tallman's followup to Time Belt was this elegantly understated Fantasy Island style drama. As the completely objective, disembodied...
61 votes  |  183 views
Not sure what to say about this one. Jesus is in it. You like Jesus, don't you? Although the audience saw no series potential here,...
55 votes  |  135 views
What happens when America's greatest president teams up with America's worst president? This pilot was a CHAUNCEY for October,...
40 votes  |  198 views
Revenge of the Nerds plus Explorers plus Buffy equals innocent Back to School fun.
38 votes  |  106 views