Gregory must crack his hardest case of all: The mystery inside his heart. Chicks love this shit!
190 votes  |  506 views
Laser Fart - Episode 8
Laser Fart faces off with the Viet Nam werewolf and a special guest star.
189 votes  |  2270 views
House of Cosbys - Episode 4
Frequency Cosby on the mend; Cosby 10 and Mitchell watch alien television.
163 votes  |  11763 views
Prime Time superpowers Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Sevan Najarian have merged their incredible talents in the fields of writing,...
151 votes  |  7764 views
Dick gets some answers and some new guns.
104 votes  |  170 views
The 'Bu - Episode 11
Dave Hartman, the Spielberg of Channel 101, steps up to the insurmountable task of killing a show that wouldn't die.
68 votes  |  1259 views
Remember how much the guy that made Star Reign pissed you internet people off for not working as hard as you would have? Well, get...
100 votes  |  905 views
What if you worked at the Phoenix Foundation, and your name was MacGuyver, but you weren't the MacGuyver?
63 votes  |  1438 views
A super fantastic gem of subtle genius that everyone should watch.
61 votes  |  247 views
Aaron Yonda is a man with the power to shoot people using only his gun. This pilot is really funny.
39 votes  |  272 views
Eric Knobel ("Submarine Adventure Captain") puts another ensemble in maddening isolation, adding a creepy darkness, in a good...
22 votes  |  48 views