Yacht Rock - Episode 1
Longtime Channel 101 bridesmaids J.D. Ryznar and Hunter Stair have finally entered Prime Time, and they've done it Batman style,...
194 votes  |  48117 views
Rock Gods of Rock - Episode 1
The Valley Pals are back in Prime Time. Like 50% of all prime time shows, their first success, S.O.S. Fantome, was cancelled on episode...
179 votes  |  1126 views
Laser Fart - Episode 9
Laser Fart tries, for like the ninth time in a row, to undo his life's greatest tragedy.
169 votes  |  0 views
The investigators deal with a newcomer.
112 votes  |  3678 views
Shitcock has a surprise visitor on his birthday.
109 votes  |  281 views
House of Cosbys - Episode 5
This special final episode, which, in compliance with a cease and desist order, was not created by Justin Roiland, screened at Cinespace...
83 votes  |  0 views
Dick Richards has one final epic zombie battle.
80 votes  |  165 views
A devastating feud has erupted between two very powerful men.
102 votes  |  349 views
Channel 101's first attempt at a mini-series event by the hit factory known as Andy and Scott. This is a breathtaking production...
102 votes  |  258 views
This pilot, created by eternal Laser Fart victim Dawn Cody, was another in a series of "chauncies" to out-perform the selection...
102 votes  |  387 views
A provocative and gripping cop drama from the creators of The 'Bu.
98 votes  |  1606 views
A young man with special powers becomes the center of military intrigue.
51 votes  |  156 views