Yacht Rock - Episode 2
Hall and Oates go toe to toe with McDonald and Loggins in a back alley contest, with tragic results.
233 votes  |  26356 views
Rock Gods of Rock - Episode 2
The Rock Gods face off with a monster that spits orange balls. Then, shit gets weird. And awesome.
209 votes  |  598 views
Warren desperately tracks his missing mentor; Julian Swift unveils an evil plan.
186 votes  |  296 views
Utopia - Episode 1
One month after Ryznar and Stair busted through the skylight and made themselves at home at #1, Ryan Ridley and company now squeak...
166 votes  |  1003 views
The investigators embark on what might be their most extraordinary mission ever. An investigation into the farthest reaches of space,...
153 votes  |  2672 views
Laser Fart - Episode 10
Laser Fart takes a turn for the odd and gets himself abruptly cancelled.
125 votes  |  0 views
You like puppets, right? Well, try this on for size: Puppets speaking and behaving in ways not befitting a puppet.
67 votes  |  71 views
Created by some of our favorite teenage prodigies, Mr. Pants and Horse will leave you feeling fresh, like an absurd, one minute tic-tac.
65 votes  |  121 views
The first pilot to be rejected by Channel 102 but accepted by Channel 101, Rollercops! was only able to beat that night's Chauncies....
22 votes  |  188 views