Yacht Rock - Episode 4
A desperate Toto attempts to shanghai McDonald's career into a new age.
274 votes  |  15812 views
Trouble on the set; enemies and alliances are formed.
260 votes  |  880 views
Major changes threaten the team's stability.
250 votes  |  2053 views
The Wastelander - Episode 1
Just thirty days after each of their shows getting assassinated on the same night, Drew Hancock and Ryan Ridley are back, this time...
243 votes  |  1229 views
The Wright Stuff - Episode 2
Orville and Wilbur face off with a most oriental enemy.
154 votes  |  192 views
Rock Gods of Rock - Episode 4
Series finale: The Rock Gods duke it out with the Picante Brothers.
From the makers of Secret Jesus: A team of adventurers that rescues imperiled plants. The longer you let this thing run, the more you're...
128 votes  |  85 views
Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan have apparently been put on Earth to make pilots that the prime time panel loves and the live audience shits...
99 votes  |  683 views
This is a pretty delightful departure from the usual 101 pilot. If that's actual stop motion going on, this fucker must've...
91 votes  |  64 views
Shitcock co-creator Wade Randolph and Valley Pal Christian Le Guilloux teamed up to make this adorably absurd take on the grifter genre....
63 votes  |  580 views