Yacht Rock - Episode 5
In this very special Halloween episode, McDonald and Loggins must unite to protect smooth music from Michael Jackson "beating it."
268 votes  |  14583 views
The Wastelander - Episode 2
Halloween episode: Bruce is haunted by The Wastelander's unknown past.
220 votes  |  542 views
The corrupt tyrant of Channel 101's kingdom seeks to divide and conquer our heroes.
182 votes  |  974 views
The Wright Stuff - Episode 3
Halloween episode: Orville and Wilbur find themselves set upon by zombies at the beach.
182 votes  |  206 views
Roots of Justice - Episode 1
Now we know why all those other renegade cop shows weren't getting more votes: The cop needed to be a tree. Turn in your badge...
159 votes  |  120 views
Halloween Special! This is going to scare the shit out of you! It scared the audience right out of voting for it!
145 votes  |  2279 views
This is Schrab's first pilot since Twigger's Holiday. What are you going to do, not watch it? Watch it.
153 votes  |  1161 views
Once again, Dave Hartman uses superb technique to take us on a mindblowing journey into the horrific and comical. Once again he is...
124 votes  |  195 views
This little boy is kind of fucked up, yo.
61 votes  |  113 views
The first (and only) show ever pulled out of the primetime lineup due to a creative dispute. Enjoy, nonetheless.