Yacht Rock - Episode 7
A bet between Loggins and McDonald takes a decade and a gangsta to settle.
318 votes  |  12902 views
McCourt's in Session - Episode 2
McCourt takes on more cases, including a feuding couple and a magician.
292 votes  |  200 views
The Wastelander - Episode 4
While tending to a bed-ridden Bruce, the Wastelander is paid a visit by an old colleague.
274 votes  |  326 views
Classroom - Episode 2
Mr. Miller's "unteachables" are challenged to an academic decathalon.
273 votes  |  1143 views
Pretty President - Episode 1
In a month of solid work from the returning shows, there was only room for one Freshman to take the self-cancelling Musical's place....
187 votes  |  595 views
The spine tingling, tearjerking, cameo-flashing, time-limit violating conclusion!
This guy is really fucking good at pool, and he wants to help you.
165 votes  |  400 views
Andy and Scott are back with an old school sitcom and a story of pride and prejudice.
122 votes  |  167 views
An ordinary man is pushed to the brink of conspicuous corn consumption.
101 votes  |  189 views
Two screwy screwballs screw up a lady's plumbing.
53 votes  |  515 views