Classroom - Episode 7
LaShanda tries out Bulemia to impress the popular girls.
216 votes  |  577 views
Magician by day, Shizuki Thornburg is the best sex crimes investigator in the city by night. With partner Eliot Slade, they must track...
174 votes  |  776 views
Raptor - Episode 1
On his first day of work, David finds himself suspicious of the intentions of his coworker Raymond.
169 votes  |  284 views
Phone Sexxers - Episode 3
Adrian and Sade travel to a Phone Sexxers corporate retreat, but they weren't anticipating... Betrayal at Castle Phone Sex.
164 votes  |  704 views
Fun Rangers - Episode 1
In the first episode Cody and Hal attempt to summon a demon, but not before going to lunch.
142 votes  |  292 views
Dohar: Lord of Beasts - Episode 2
When the critters of the land start to attack villagers, Dohar discovers he may not be the only Lord of Beasts.
116 votes  |  246 views
Stripey - Episode 2
Eric tries to cheer up his friends my introducing them to Pointy.
92 votes  |  160 views
Juri! - Episode 2
Juri learns about one of Americas finest traditions: Courtship. Oh, and there's a Native American ghost too.
68 votes  |  301 views
A guy who says he's Axl Rose is also a landlord. Apartment 3C is available, and an array of tenants want in.
71 votes  |  364 views
Unstoppable Heatwave, The Ninja's Will Rule (and confuse audiences). The most controversial show of all time, the premiere of "Ninja...
58 votes  |  138 views