The SCU discovers the Halloween Rapist isn't a man... he's a ghost.
181 votes  |  301 views
Phone Sexxers - Episode 5
In the Phone Sexxers Halloween Special, we visit a part of Sade's past to discover something shocking has been left behind. Horror,...
158 votes  |  1024 views
Quest - Episode 2
Get out of the bathroom. The quest continues.
131 votes  |  415 views
Classroom - Episode 9
Estranged brothers, family fights, turkey, and stuffing all converge in this touching Thanksgiving special.
128 votes  |  483 views
Exposure - Episode 1
Dylan, new to L.A and full of dreams, prepares to create his first pilot, Muffin Head.
120 votes  |  6634 views
Chinese five-spice grilled salmon steaks on a salad with orange. And mass murder.
110 votes  |  74 views
Christmas World 2050, where it is Christmas all year long. Justin Roiland and Drew Hancock join forces to imagine a world where a Christmas...
111 votes  |  2172 views
It's 1977, and Stephen Hawking is eager to learn about the opposite sex. Will the help of Carl Sagan and Albert Einstein be enough?...
99 votes  |  918 views
Mharti's kite is stuck in a tree and Doc must help him retrieve it by getting--well... it's a Justin Roiland pilot so there...
91 votes  |  0 views
Steve Agee makes his 2006 contribution, the story of three friends and frequent advertising bugs.
60 votes  |  415 views
He really wants his baby back.
36 votes  |  361 views