In their second episode, ChooseYourOwnSelectAVision.TV ups the internet interactivity with a user-submission slot.
185 votes  |  2219 views
Planet Unicorn - Episode 3
The unicorns go to the beach and think they spot another of their kind in the water, so they dive deep to investigate.
178 votes  |  0 views
The SCU, strapped into the Rapier 1, launch into space to find their missing comrade.
153 votes  |  192 views
Adventure Cab - Episode 1
When a pushy cab-driver appears outside Jeff's door on the morning of his car's disappearance, Jeff's decision to climb...
120 votes  |  184 views
Reporters - Episode 4
You wouldn't think there could be a departure episode in a show like Reporters, but if there is one, this is it.
90 votes  |  991 views
Classroom - Episode 13
Classroom's epic finale.
A look into the most important historical moments of our nation. This week: The Eisenhower Doctrine, its complications, and its impact...
86 votes  |  683 views
A group of clever seventeen-year-olds present a pilot about how ineffective the Senate can be.
77 votes  |  82 views
The Temps go to work at a paintbrush factory, which happens to have a dark secret.
66 votes  |  118 views
David Hartman creates another stylistic gem, telling the story of the men who must uphold order in Purgatory.
55 votes  |  90 views