Ryznar and Harmon take interactivity to an all new high with the Summer Fun Edition of ChooseYourOwnSelectAVision.TV. Rewarding the...
189 votes  |  1980 views
In this episode: "Honey, I Killed Our Son" and "Swords Will Cut Your Fucking Hands Off"
174 votes  |  4775 views
Stop It - Episode 1
Millions of Americans suffer from addiction. Most need help to stop it. Dr. David Gliza is a Stop It Counselor and he is here to help,...
147 votes  |  1204 views
Eliot Slade finds himself back in Episode #1.
109 votes  |  191 views
Planet Unicorn - Episode 4
It's a Unicorn breakup when fantasies of a modeling career cause the Unicorns to overlook their friendship.
4 votes  |  0 views
Adventure Cab - Episode 2
A friendship is born as the story unfolds in Jerusalem 1287 A.D.
77 votes  |  61 views
Reporters - Episode 5
A wild shoot out at the newspaper offices, causes The Reporters to question the Chief's motives.
75 votes  |  922 views
Rex Barnett is a trainer who trains other trainers, and he's amazing at it. He's The Trainer Trainer.
46 votes  |  194 views
Have you ever thought of something clever to say after the opportunity had passed? Well he can.
44 votes  |  42 views
The year is 2008 and almost everybody died in an outer space war. A young couple trying to have a baby, enlists the help of Perfect...
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