The girls meet their new neighbor, while Jerome confronts Cup about all he knows.
180 votes  |  5248 views
Stop It - Episode 7
Brie is addicted to make-up.
160 votes  |  310 views
The Bed & Breakfast Club learn something about themselves when unexpected guest Luke drops in for a night.
147 votes  |  331 views
Rambo: No Blood - Episode 1
Rambo kills everybody, so there's no more wars to be fought. Or is there?
109 votes  |  298 views
Return to Supermans - Episode 3
Supermen squares off against Hulk Man!
102 votes  |  360 views
Groove Fighters - Episode 4
The gang must keep the flames burning, and prevent the Eradicator from putting an end to all music.
84 votes  |  205 views
Carl is your average college student, with one exception: apparently he becomes a horrible warlord in the future so people are always...
100 votes  |  733 views
Two young travelers set out to fulfill the prophecy and release the power of The Crystal Tape.
87 votes  |  160 views
On a school field trip to the mattress factory, young Tommy fell into one of the machines and became Mattress Guy.
65 votes  |  319 views
It sure is a bummer when your parents decide they don't love you anymore and sell you on craigslist.
64 votes  |  129 views
The Cube Runners use experimental cube technology to combat the anomaloids.
57 votes  |  210 views