Oh, Shit! - Episode 3
Romance is in the air, but a mysterious new foe might rain on Desmond's parade.
409 votes  |  3963 views
Canned Beer Cases - Episode 1
There's a ghost killer on the loose! Only Cash Rashmussen and his trusty case of beer can solve the crime.
387 votes  |  3446 views
The Parent Project - Episode 13
Jon Hill calls his mom long-distance to revisit a childhood fable and "The Parent Project" passes "Classroom" to become...
378 votes  |  1033 views
Gumbel - Episode 4
Gumbel tries his hand at dating once again...with an assist from Lucy and her famous razzle dazzle pie.
301 votes  |  3563 views
Coach - Episode 2
Coach faces down an old rival in an old-fashioned coach-off!
287 votes  |  1263 views
Paul Bonanno and Jeff Kauffmann bring Channel 101's sexiest series to a close with an epically dramatic finale.
Carrie isn't your average high school girl - something about her is a little...peculiar.
285 votes  |  729 views
Action, romance, suspense - it's the end of the world as we know it!
192 votes  |  906 views
Lloyd tries to get out of the hero business, but gets an unwelcome visitor in the real world.
174 votes  |  1567 views
Fat Duck is trying to be a good person. But the internet can make things so difficult.
142 votes  |  916 views